NSA (Noise Stylerz Activities), real name Angelino, is a DJ and producer from Roubaix in the north of France.

In the year 2000 he decided to learn to DJ with vinyl, as soon as this felt comfortable he learned to play digital as well in order to develop his skills and technique. During the following years fans are starting to notice him on social networks and in 2010 he starts to produce his first Hardcore and Terror tracks.

In 2011 he’s developing a more personal style and soon his first tracks and remixes are being released. Tracks like his Katy Perry's Wide Awake bootleg, Mind of Terror, his remix of the "Project X" movie and his Edith Piaf bootleg are highlights from his first releases.

In 2014 he released his first official compilation called "REVOLUTION", which has not gone unnoticed by the young audience in Complex Cap'tain, and decides to keep on releasing this free compilation every year.

Being eager to develop his productions he stepped things up a notch in 2016 when he released his track “Mental Disturbance”, adding horror and paranormal influences to his style, distinguishing him from other artists.
Throughout Europe more fans are picking up his music and since the release of his first single NSA goes around Belgian and French night clubs like Ritz Club, Lotus Club, MOH Club, La Pyramide, Reflex Club, Complexe Cap'tain and more...

This is where the fun starts, after being noticed by the public, several promoters and winning a competition organized by FOOTWORXX in 2017 he joins the Belgian booking agency, including several tracks being released on their label.
In 2019 his adventure continues by joining Terrordrang Bookings, marking the next big step in his career.
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