Kenrick (born on 12-05-1995 in Vroomshoop, NL) was 12 years old when he started learning how to mix music and play guitar. Later he found out how to make music with the computer, and so his adventures began. Niels (Born on 21-11-1995 in Vriezenveen, NL) visited Kenrick to see how he made his own tracks and wanted to make a track together. Niels and Kenrick became good friends and were really surprised by the result of their collaborations which caused them to become the duo Basspunkz.

Basspunkz started as Rawhardstyle but decided to work in multiple genres such as hardcore/uptempo. Their first tracks ‘’Monster’’and ‘’Clubs Go Silent’’ received good feedback from friends and followers. They decided to send their new song ‘’Pendehas’’ to Sjammienators who released the track on “UITT VOL 2”. Other tracks like “Blade” and “Changes” followed and got released on the next album: “UITT VOL 3” on “Uptempo Is The Tempo Records”.
One year after the releases of both tracks Niels and Kenrick signed at Sjammienators his new label “My Tempo Is Uptempo”.

After this success Basspunkz became more popular in the uptempo scene and their tracks got played by DJ’s like Sjammienators, Spitnoise and Day-mar on Dominator, Defqon 1, Decibel and Thunderdome. This led to more bookings and resulted in their new adventure by signing at Terrordrang Bookings.

Performances by Basspunkz stand for a lot or passion, movement and energy, providing you with an experience you won’t forget!
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