He started to buy his first records at the age of 12 at the Mid Town record shop in Den Haag and his collection grew more and more, and soon some turntable decks and a mixer showed up so he could start to practise his beatmixing with the records he bought.

somewhere in the year 2k Bonehead finally decided to do something about the desire that was bothering him for a long time, and he decided to finally start producing. This feeling, to make music, totally satisfied his desire to do so.
After he started looking around for software to start with, he ended up with a simple tracker program called:
“Modplug Tracker”, and it was with this piece of software that he learned the very basics of four to the floor patterns, sample cutting, percussions etcetera etcetera.

After a while some program switches were made, from programs like: Skale tracker, Rebirth, Reason
to programs like : Renoise, Logic, Cubase SX, Cubase 5 and finally… CUBASE PRO 8!!!!

Between all these program switches a lot happened; Bonehead made his first official release on “Special Forces records” with Renoise in 2003 which triggered some more releases on labels like: Terrornoize Industry, Kopfkrank records, Masters of Speedcore, Rotterdam Records, This is Terror, Militia, Fix Party, Hellbound records, Cerebral Destruction, Dual Kore, Speedcore Records, Narkotik Records, Brutal Rage, ROEST Records, Superbad Midi Breaks and Head Fuck Records.

Meanwhile he also graduaded as an Sound Engineer and as a DJ his career soared upwards that led him play on many (big) parties in and outside Holland.

By now Bonehead played at parties like: Nightmare Outdoor, Dominator, Hardcore 4 Life, P.O.R.N., Scumworld, Beter Kom je Niet, Ik Ben je Bitch Niet, Megarave, Partyraiser: One Man/Half Machine, I Hate Trance, Speedrazor, Masters of Hardcore, Hellbound, The End of The World, Montagood, Footworxx, Fucking Bastards, Hellraiser, Earthquake, Army of Hardcore, Raving Nightmare and Noisekick’s verouderingsproces.

Bonehead has been booked in many different countries such as: Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, England, Scotland, Spain and Japan.

Next to his DJ performance, he also performs on stage with his live act using his macbook, midi-controller, triggerpad and custom made mask.

Bonehead doesn’t prefer one before another, but as a DJ he’s more focussed on the task at hand, where as a live act Bonehead likes to get wild and crazy while he’s playin and tries to interact with the crowd as much as he can.

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