Michael Jansen (Dark Connection) was born on 28th of September 1989. When he was only 10 years old Michael was already listening to banging Hardcore music.
In 2013 he started to produce Raw Hardstyle, But to go to a slightly higher BPM he also started producing Uptempo Hardcore in 2015.
City Guy was his first track under the name Dark Connection, this was in August 2015, the track was released on Fucking Bastards Records in December of 2015.
From the first moment the track was released it got a huge amount of support from artists like Sjammienators, The Demon Dwarf, Tharoza, DRS, Unproven.
After seeing a post on the Sjammienators facebookpage about the remix contest Michael decided to enter.
He made a remix of the track Total Rage and he won! This remix got even more support by even bigger names in the uptempo scene like F. Noize, Spitnoise, Psycho Killer, Stampede, Omistettu.
From that moment Dark Connection was on the roll and wanted to show what he's got for the Uptempo Hardcore scene, that's why he also entered the Darkcontroller ‘Remix Contest’.
He chose to make a remix of Darkcontroller - Apocalyptic Darkness and once again Dark Connection won the contest with the best remix.
The Apocalyptic Darkness is released on the ‘A Night of Raging Bulls – Sandy Warez Birthday Album 2016’ (Footworxx).
Again Michael received some massive support on his remix by Darkcontroller, Spitnoise, Noize Destructor, Chok Dee, and many more!
In 2016 you can expect a lot of Uptempo productions from this guy. He is already working on a solo EP and is planning on several more EP’s to come within this year.
Michael is ready to bring you the ultimate hardcore sound.
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