Largely influenced by the underground scene, JKLL started producing in 2008 and made his mark in Tribe and Hardtek with just a Korg ESX and EMX.

In 2010, he traded in the analog machines for software and explored styles with a lower bpm such as Techno and Minimal.

In 2012 he returned to his roots, producing fast and percussive Frenchcore, inspired by legends such as Radium, The SpeedFreak, The Sickest Squad and Maissouille.

In 2014 he met with Creeds and formed the duo UNIT, aspiring to create heavy Frenchcore which remains dance floor friendly. Their first EP gets signed at Cycore (Martin Damm and François Robichaud) and JKLL his first solo EP is released at Beatfreak'z, followed by several UNIT releases on labels such as Frenchcore S'il Vous Plaît! and Peacock Records.

Things started to go to the next level in 2017-2018 with projects like his “Wild Child” EP, the first UNIT album called “First Wave”, a remix on Maissouille his album and collaborations with Radium, Maissouille, Dr Peacock, The Mastery, Floxytek, Pattern J, Digital Violence, Psiko, ect.

2019 is a turning point in JKLL's career, with no less than 22 tracks released between January and April, a tour in Japan in March, a tour in Brazil in April, signing at TD Bookings, a booking at Ground Zero in August, returning to Brazil in September and finally a new tour in Colombia in November with his favorite label Hardcore France Records by his friend Maissouille.
It’s a promising year with a lot of new tracks already in the making and his album "Bastard Life" being released in november 2019.
Expect you’ll be hearing a lot more about JKLL in 2020!
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