Johan "Mental Penetration" was only interested in woman and scooters but especially the woman. Until he noticed the world of DJ's during two great friends Mike "System Overload" and Mario "Para Italia". Mental Penetration mixed his first record on the birthday party of a friend he was immediately enthusiastic and rented the dj gear for another week to find out if he has the skills and to find out how everything worked. When he stepped behind the decks at an after party of his friend Mario it became more and more interested in the world Hardcore. He started dreaming about playing records on big party's and to see everybody enjoying his tunes and up tempo beats! But he found out that it wasn't easy. He Let his dream be a dream. Not knowing that just a month later his dream became through during the help of DJ "The Demon Dwarf". The Demon Dwarf wanted to help him there he was so enthusiastic and driven to become a DJ. After just three months of practice DJ Mental Penetration got the change to turn up his beats and tunes during an 5 hour set. He did this with a big smile and a lot of pleasure and he knew he was addicted! From that moment on Johan "DJ Mental Penetration" took this change with both arms wide open and will make sure everybody in the world of Hardcore will know his name and will shout out for more nonstop Uptempo Hardcore beats!
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