Michel Moed aka Mr Courage, producer & Dj. Member of the CoffeeCore (with Drokz) & General Noise (with Tafkat). Mr Courage started DJ-ing in the 80’s and he started producing house music in 1989.
He signed his first record deal in 1990 (Energy Records) and released records until now.
In 2004 he worked together with Drokz on the “Cunt Records is dead” record 2007 he started as Mr Courage and started preforming (Fucking Bastards, Thunderdome, Dominator, Hardcore 4 Life, Beter Kom Je Niet, P.O.R.N., Nature One ect….) he released in 2008 his first terror album on This Is Terror Records (TIT09).
Labels that released his tracks in the past: Mid-town Records, Rotterdam Records, Dance International, Noisekick Records, Cunt Records, North radical, This Is Terror, Terrornoize Industry etc….
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