Nekrosystem ( Valerio Di Masi ) is a producer from the south of Italy who started his Terror/Speedcore project in 2010.
Since 2013 Nekrosystem has released EP’s, albums and singles for the best labels such as: Noisekick Records, Headfuck Records, Thunderdome Be yourself Records, Speedcore Italia and Speedcore Worldwide.
A lot of the collaborations he made are with the biggest names in the Hardcore/Terror/Speedcore scene such as: F. Noize, Da Mouth of Madness, The Destroyer, Komprex , Groan-er, Nawoto Suzuki.
Together with Muisz van Gemert he started a label in 2016 called “Speedcore Italia” doing releases and events.
Since January 2017 he joined Terrordrang Booking Agency so he is ready to go harder, faster and stronger than ever !
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