Born in the Paris region, it was in 2002 that he made his first party in Rave party and Free party where he discovers the sharing and exchange around the electronic culture.
Then comes the organization of legal and illegal Rave party with several sound systems.
In 2005 he became interested in electronic music that became a real passion and began composing on computer assisted controllers and machines on Reason, Fruity Loops and Ableton live.
He plays in live and composes tracks in different style: Hardtechno/Hardtek/Tribe/Hardcore/Frenchcore.
It was in 2007 that the first track out on vinyl (with a different nickname) on différants labels (Astrofonik, Engrenage Records...).

After a long break of musical creations it's finally in 2014 that he returns to the French label "Exode Records" under the new name "Striker" and with ambitions more harder and faster to create and play only hardcore and terror.
First EP "It's Time For Terror" is 100% Terror. In 2015 he released his 1st album on Exode Records and one EP for Toxic Sickness.
Then in 2016 he made many EP's and tracks for Exode Records, Violent Disorder Records, Toxic Sickness, Dual Kore Rec and Darkside Unleashed. He made several collabs with Angernoizer.

In December 2016 he joined Terrordrang bookings Angency to continue the adventure and go even further.
Worldwide Terror !!!
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