The Mastery is a French DJ/Producer with a big and diverse passion for music. Influenced by classical music since the youngest childhood, he discovered electronic music in the 90's and became a true fanatic of the art of sound creation. He started producing techno music at the age of 13 and as he became a fan of turntablism, he decide to start deejaying in 1998.
Since the 2000's he grew as a DJ and has performed in many countries and events around the world, with highlights like : Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Masters of Hardcore (Holland), End of the world Festival (Spain) Lake parade (Switzerland), Xmassacre (Prague), Vive la Frenchcore (Holland) Frenchcore s'il vous plait (Holland).... The Mastery performs with cdj’s with insane turntablism skills !

-2003: He’s spotted by Audiogenic. His first record "Endemic Damage EP" was released on Psychik Genocide records.
-2006: He created the "2DISODER MINDS" project with Tieum. Their album 2 Disorder minds came out in December 2007.
-2013: He created the label Audiodeadact.
-2017: Birth of the duo "Very Bad Tricks" with Pattern-J.
-2018: He created the label Frenchcore Heroes.
-2019: His new adventure at Terrordrang Booking starts

The Mastery has released many tracks and remixes on different labels such as Thunderdome / Audiogenic / Peacock Records / Audiodeadact / Frenchcore Heroes / Beat Syndikate / Headfuck / Noisekick Records / Underground Music / Social Teknology / Hardcore France / Altern-Hate...
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