It all began at the age of 8 with listening to hardcore with a boy from his neighborhood.
In primary school, he was the only one there who listened to hardcore, but his passion for music didn’t cease to grow.

His passion for hardcore eventually turned in to an obsession, and he became a living encyclopedia with his vast knowledge of the genre. As a fanatic, he didn’t miss a party and would stand his ground at the frontline.
Two years ago he took to the stage himself, and learned how to play the decks. He got in touch with Sjammienators, who gave him the opportunity to make his first collaboration called "Favorite game".
Now, 1,5 years later, he has worked with numerous artists such as: Tharoza, Spitnoise, Sjammienators again, Mindspitter, and other talents in the scene.

His podcast "Uptempo Nixtape" became a phenomena and his second collab with sjammienators called "Superman" hit the 87th spot at the MOH top 100 in 2018.

In short notice he got on the fast lane and grew as an artist, killing it on the stage at events like My Tempo Is Uptempo, Bassrulers, Daylight, and many more to come!
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